Hi, I'm Lucy, a user-friendly designer and developer.

The User Experience (UX) approach to design is practical, based on answering the needs of real people...

my ux process

My tried and tested approach is:

My Skills and Experience

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My curiosity about design fundamentally stems from curiosity about human nature and how we interact with the world. Whilst studying Philosophy and Modern Languages (🇫🇷, 🇪🇸) at Durham University, I grew passionate about embodiment and identity theories. I see the designed world as an extension of our embodiment and identity as human beings.

At the Royal College of Art, my research involves applying principles from yoga and other embodiment practices to design processes.

Alongside practical projects, I have lectured on Interaction and Interface Design at the University for Creative Arts. I also teach Vinyasa Flow Yoga in Hackney, on Thursdays and Sundays. See lucy.yoga to find out more.

Feel free to bookmark my CV, follow me on GitHub, add me on LinkedIn, or skim my published writings.

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